Tribute Party 2013: Tiffany

Hello lovelies! I’ve been so busy this past few days because of this one big event, the tribute party. Tribute party is a tradition that, we, Political Science student celebrate every year. I would say that last night’s tribute party is successful. Each committee did a great job from the Decorations committee , souvenirs committee, Awards committee, […]

Read. Read. Read

Hello readers! I love buying books as much I love thrift shopping or collecting make up. Buying and reading books is like therapy to me.  When I get angry with my classmates or annoyed with demanding people in school, I usually end up buying books in BookSale. So today, I’m going to show the books […]

Crazy Pants

Hello lovelies! I’m currently watching the new episode of The Walking Dead (yay!). It’s is my most favorite series of all time because I love watching zombies and how people survive in this kind of dilemma (pretty exciting, eh?). So while I’m downloading this show I’m going to blog. Today, I’m blogging about my current […]

Rotten System

Disclaimer: This post may sound offensive to everyone, but is just my opinion to the recent SAMAPULA (Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Agham Pampulitika ng Ateneo) election. If you are not used to read, rant/negative post please stop reading this. The recent SAMAPULA officers decided to change the system of election. I don’t know the reason […]