Crazy Pants

Hello lovelies! I’m currently watching the new episode of The Walking Dead (yay!). It’s is my most favorite series of all time because I love watching zombies and how people survive in this kind of dilemma (pretty exciting, eh?). So while I’m downloading this show I’m going to blog. Today, I’m blogging about my current […]

Prom hairstyle

Hello lovelies! As you all know, prom is fast-approaching and we’ve been preparing everything for my sister’s prom which is on February 15th.  Anyway, this blog post is about prom hairstyles that  might help girls out there to decide what kind of hairstyle they  want for prom. here: This reminds me of Barbie and her […]

A Shopping Spree from him <3

Me and my boyfriend decided to exchange gifts this Christmas. I gave him a silver Bracelet as a  Christmas/Birthday gift. He on the other hand,  gave me this  shopping spree as a gift (OHMYGOD). I was really embarrassed at first, because his mom also gave me money for Christmas. You might think I’m overreacting but […]