Crazy Pants

Hello lovelies! I’m currently watching the new episode of The Walking Dead (yay!). It’s is my most favorite series of all time because I love watching zombies and how people survive in this kind of dilemma (pretty exciting, eh?). So while I’m downloading this show I’m going to blog. Today, I’m blogging about my current […]

Night Market

If Bangkok, Thailand has Patpong  night market,  Manila, Philippines has also Divisoria. Since I was in high school I want to go to Divisoria because everybody talks about it , so when Amnesty International called me to attend the coordinator’s meeting in Manila, I immediately say yes to them. Divisoria is always been the perfect […]


Hello readers! I’m back and I’m very sorry if it takes 3 weeks before i could post another blog.  I was not able to update my blog because I’m very busy  organizing my little brother’s 1st birthday. Despite of my busy schedule (chos!), I was able to take another Outfit photo. This is what I […]