Room decor and organization

hello readers!

I was not able to publish posts for a long time because I’ve been watching shopping haul videos on Youtube lately. I know, I know. It’s weird. But watching those drugstore make up and fashion hauls makes me happy 🙂 And I’ve been also busy decorating my room these past few days, so I’ve decided to show you some of my decorating ideas.



1. Calendars– last year I bought this semi-calendar where you can write your schedules and special occasions. Calendars are very important for me because I am a forgetful person, so I need something that will remind me of upcoming events.


2. Organizers– I transformed my simple and boring organizer into a cute and chic one by decorating it with some of my wallpaper. I use this organizer as a storage for my make up.


3. Cork board – of  all, this one is my favorite. Before, it was just a plain cork board with papers attached to it. But when I scanned through my fashion magazines, I decided to make a collage.  Here’s the finished product.


5. Jewelry organizers – This jewelry organizer was given to me by my sister. She DIYed it using wires and pliers. I used this for almost a year and I would say that it is really durable because it can hold 4-5 necklaces per hook. And it is also important to have a jewelry organizer to prevent tangled necklaces.


6. A scented candle– This scented candle is the from Slatkin and Co. I actually have 3 more candles but I use this a lot because it smells like chocolate and vanilla. Now, my room smells like a candy store or something 🙂

marilyn monroe

7. Painting – this Marilyn Monroe painting was a birthday present from my grandma. I always wanted to have a Marilyn Monroe painting on my wall, so when she said that she bought me this painting I was really happy. Thank you Mamu :*

That’s all, I hope you find this blog post helpful especially to those who enjoy decorating their bedrooms 🙂



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