My favorite activist tweep, who can be contacted in Twitter at @ashbulldoglagon resembles neither ash nor bulldog. One day he must enlighten me on how this moniker evolved. Meanwhile, he asked me what challenges I might have for the forthcoming ADDU Samahan (=ADDU Student Government) elections.

Happy to be asked, I tweeted I would respond with this blog entry. Here goes!

Challenge to the future Samahan student leader:

You are called to lead in a University that is Jesuit, Catholic and Filipino.

In this sentence there are seven important words.

The first is “University.” Understand this in its original meaning as a community of scholars and teachers who come together in academic freedom for the pursuit of truth. “Universitas” was originally not an institution, nor even an institutional status. It was a community of flesh-and-blood people hungry for the truth. Too often “university” today is reduced to program requirements that…

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