Elizabeth Arden: Lip gloss and Mascara

Hello Lovelies!

I’m happy today because:

  • I’m done with my Theology Exam, and I’m pretty sure that I answered it well.
  • I survived the cue-notes-are-not-allowed report in my European Government subject.
  • and the elections are done

So I let myself  watch the new episode of The Walking Dead called Suicide King (I love this TV series so much).  I also want to treat you guys by blogging about my 1st ever ELIZABETH ARDEN make-up! Last last week our package arrived, and one of the things I am excited the most about is the make up. So, thank you Mamu for giving me another set of lip glosses and mascara :*


My Elizabeth Arden comes with 4 tubes of lip gloss and one mascara. It also comes with a make up bag which is very gorgeous ( I use this as a wallet).


Left – right:

  • 01 black mascara, lip gloss:
  • Sparkle Mauve,
  • BerryLicious, S
  • andleLight.



This is a coral orange-ish lip gloss. It’s perfect for summer and for casual occasions. I use this as an everyday make up because of its safe color.



As you can see, this lip gloss has no color at all. So if you want to try this, be sure to put some lipstick before you use it. It will give you that translucent effect with lipstick on.



This lip gloss has a semi-fuchsia and pink color. This one is my favorite of all. I usually combined it with my Sao Paolo NYX lip cream because the combination of it is very gorgeous. But if you don’t want to put much lip products on you lips, you can still wear this alone. (you hear me? YOU CAN USE IT ALONE :)) It is still visible without any lipstick on.


Sparkle Mauve

I also like this color, it has this plum color that will make you more sophisticated and grown up. It’s perfect for winter.



I use this mascara every Saturday and I assure you it does its job. And it’s so small so it can perfectly fit any make up bag.



Up-down: Shimmering, Sparkle Mauve, Candlelight,  Berrylicious, Black mascara


I recommend this product because its very convenient and it’s not heavy on your lips. The only downfall of this product is its smell. I don’t like the smell of it because it reminds me of my toy when I was in elementary school, but the smell is bearable. You can still use it for the rest of the day. I definitely encourage you to try this product because it does its job perfectly.




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