Crazy Pants

Hello lovelies!

I’m currently watching the new episode of The Walking Dead (yay!). It’s is my most favorite series of all time because I love watching zombies and how people survive in this kind of dilemma (pretty exciting, eh?). So while I’m downloading this show I’m going to blog. Today, I’m blogging about my current obsession which are these CRAZY PANTS.  So a little disclaimer here: I do not own any of these photos, I got them from weheartit to show you some of my I’m-going-to-buy-these-pants-someday. So let’s get started!

1. Back to Basic Crazy Pants


I  call this back to basic crazy pants because for a pair of high fashion pants, these are pretty simple. But, I’m not saying that these are boring/plain pants. They still has the style that makes people ask questions such as “where did you get them?” (hahaha, if you know what I mean) I actually have a pair similar to this, which are dotted acid wash ones that could go to any outfit you want.

2. Royalty


Can you see those patterns? I know, I know its freakin’ gorgeous! This pants reminds me of  the Royal Family of UK.

“Dear Pants,

If we ever meet in the department store, remember this: I’M GOING TO BUY YOU NO MATTER HOW PRICEY YOU ARE” (just kidding! you know me guys…)

4. Leather Pants


It’s leather baby! who doesn’t want to feel like cat woman or action star?  I do like leather clothes, it makes me feel tough and strong..

5. Aztec Print


I looveeee Aztec Print! I actually have these ones, except that mine are leggings and the photos are of pants. So hopefully I could find pants that have an aztec print (in a different color).

6. Floral Pants


This pants reminds me of fall and summer. If I had this kind of pants, I will pair it with gold/peachy kind of sweater. I have seen a lot of these floral pants at my local markets but so far I couldn’t find the right one because some of them have rough textures and some are pretty expensive.

7. Wild Child


I love these pants soooo much.  I call it “Wild Child”, because of the flashy colors and distress style. I also imagine myself wearing this while dancing the harlem shake. hahahaha

8. Neon Pants


These ones are my favorite of all. Why? Because it is NEON (and I love flashy colors). I actually own  colored pants but not as bright as this. So I hope I’ll find another one because I’ll definitely buy that one.

If I’ll be able to purchase all of these, I will post about them to show you my own crazy pants.




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