My favorite activist tweep, who can be contacted in Twitter at @ashbulldoglagon resembles neither ash nor bulldog. One day he must enlighten me on how this moniker evolved. Meanwhile, he asked me what challenges I might have for the forthcoming ADDU Samahan (=ADDU Student Government) elections.

Happy to be asked, I tweeted I would respond with this blog entry. Here goes!

Challenge to the future Samahan student leader:

You are called to lead in a University that is Jesuit, Catholic and Filipino.

In this sentence there are seven important words.

The first is “University.” Understand this in its original meaning as a community of scholars and teachers who come together in academic freedom for the pursuit of truth. “Universitas” was originally not an institution, nor even an institutional status. It was a community of flesh-and-blood people hungry for the truth. Too often “university” today is reduced to program requirements that…

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Birthday Bash

Hello guys!

I just want to share to you how I celebrated my birthday but I didn’t got a lot of pictures, especially when I was in GenSan 🙂 My awesome Tita Venia surprised me with this birthday brunch she prepared. I was shocked, because I thought that they were not celebrating my birthday since I was going home. But they did. I appreciate that sooooo much, thank you tita :*






Thank you Tita you are so nice!  Hero is so lucky for having you as his mom.


Room decor and organization

hello readers!

I was not able to publish posts for a long time because I’ve been watching shopping haul videos on Youtube lately. I know, I know. It’s weird. But watching those drugstore make up and fashion hauls makes me happy 🙂 And I’ve been also busy decorating my room these past few days, so I’ve decided to show you some of my decorating ideas.



1. Calendars– last year I bought this semi-calendar where you can write your schedules and special occasions. Calendars are very important for me because I am a forgetful person, so I need something that will remind me of upcoming events.


2. Organizers– I transformed my simple and boring organizer into a cute and chic one by decorating it with some of my wallpaper. I use this organizer as a storage for my make up.


3. Cork board – of  all, this one is my favorite. Before, it was just a plain cork board with papers attached to it. But when I scanned through my fashion magazines, I decided to make a collage.  Here’s the finished product.


5. Jewelry organizers – This jewelry organizer was given to me by my sister. She DIYed it using wires and pliers. I used this for almost a year and I would say that it is really durable because it can hold 4-5 necklaces per hook. And it is also important to have a jewelry organizer to prevent tangled necklaces.


6. A scented candle– This scented candle is the from Slatkin and Co. I actually have 3 more candles but I use this a lot because it smells like chocolate and vanilla. Now, my room smells like a candy store or something 🙂

marilyn monroe

7. Painting – this Marilyn Monroe painting was a birthday present from my grandma. I always wanted to have a Marilyn Monroe painting on my wall, so when she said that she bought me this painting I was really happy. Thank you Mamu :*

That’s all, I hope you find this blog post helpful especially to those who enjoy decorating their bedrooms 🙂


Prom hairstyle

Hello lovelies!

As you all know, prom is fast-approaching and we’ve been preparing everything for my sister’s prom which is on February 15th.  Anyway, this blog post is about prom hairstyles that  might help girls out there to decide what kind of hairstyle they  want for prom.



This reminds me of Barbie and her clean hair. It really looks nice especially for those who don’t want to curl their hair.

h5But if you want to curl your hair, this look is perfect for you. It’s not that plain-curly-hair because there’s a twist at the back of it. If you don’t want to twist your hair you may also waterfall braid it.

h4This hairstyle is one of my favorites because it’s very elegant and clean, and you can put accessories in your hair like those rose hair pins. I might try this one for our tribute party.

h3This look is also perfect especially for girls who have medium-length hair.

h6If you want to braid your hair and you want to show it off, you can try this one. Although it’s kinda complicated, this hairstyle is really nice. I think it looks nice for tube gowns or cocktail dresses.

h7But if your gown/dress is kinda classic or vintage-y, this Marilyn Monroe  look is perfect for you.



This hairstyle is what my sister wants for prom. She want to have a messy bun with curls all over it. I also want this. It’s perfect for backless dresses/gowns.


Or, you could add up some accessories to it like this big flower clip. It’ so cute and very elegant.

Hope you like it


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nichido review and [blurry] swatches

Hello readers!

Today I’m gonna show you some treasures I found in drugstore. But before that, let me share something to you. Honestly, I rarely invest in make up and most of my make up are given to me by my friends or family. But when I buy make up, especially pressed powder, I don’t go for the cheaper ones. Why? because I have sensitive skin. I once used a cheaper pressed powder but after 2 weeks it resulted to broken skin and uneven skin tone. So I promised myself not to use anything that’s not suitable to my skin. But I’m not saying that all cheaper make up products are not good. It may not work for me but it may work for you.

Anyway, when I went to Watsons last Sunday and I found these products. I already heard a lot of good reviews about this brand so I decided to give it a try.


  • Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow Totally Neutral
  • Single eyeshadow Cool Silver
  • Nichido Gorgeous Eyepencil Girls Night Out cool blue
  • Nichido mineral/ precise eye pencil Intense Bronze

These are the individual photos:




The swatches:


  • Light pink
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown


  • Pencil eyeliner – intense bronze
  • Pencil eyeliner – cool blue
  • Single eye shadow – cool silver


  1. Packaging- I would say that I love the packaging of the Stardust eye shadow because it’s so handy that it could fit to anyone’s make up kit. I also the love the packaging of the pencil eyeliners especially the intense bronze variant. As for the single eye shadow, the packaging is common and it’s very simple. 4/5
  2. Applicator – the applicator of the stardust eye shadow is not very useful, I had to use my ring finger and some cotton buds for application. 2/5
  3. Color – I love the colors. All of these products are pigmented especially the pencil eyeliner.  The stardust eye shadow has different colors: kiss of pink, totally neutral, and blue lagoon. 4/5


3/5  If you are on student budget I recommend this one. It’s cheaper compared to other products. The color combination is nice and it’s very flattering to those who have medium skin tone like me!

I might make a blog post about make up tutorial using these products 🙂

I hope you like it

xo, 1901


Hello readers!
I went home over the weekend because my sister was sick and I missed her so much. Anyway, prom is fast-approaching so we went to  the mall last Sunday to find her shoes as well as a bag. She already decided what kind of make up she will wear for prom. She wanted me to do her make up so we practiced doing it. Unfortunately I left all my make up stuff in Davao, so we used my grand mother’s make up.
Here it is:




what do you think?

xo, 1901

Prada Paradox

Hello readers!

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m so sorry, I was so busy submitting reports for Amnesty International. Anyway I’m here to make to make it up to you guys. So here we go. Remember the blog post about “Givenchy Code“, well it turned out that it was connected to another book, called “Prada Paradox”. Same author, same storyline. I still don’t have time to read the book yet, and I just finished doing my Palestine reflection paper so I still can’t tell you the summary of it. This is a short blog post because I still have to finish paper work about solutions to world hunger.



x0, 1901