Lolita went to the casino.

I am exhausted today because we moved out, moved in, cleaned, arranged, etc. but I still have the energy to blog right now. Why? Because of 5 main reasons: First, because I have you. Yes, you! I’m thankful that a lot of people appreciate this blog no matter how senseless it is.  Second, I received 2 good news last night and I still cant tell you what it is because the 2nd one is not final yet. Third, because I love my new room.  Fourth, because of the other news I received today. It’s different from the 1st 2 news because it concerns traveling. And lastly, I’m thankful that I made the right choice of living with my family here in Davao. Ever since I transferred here, everything has seemed so perfect. I’m able to eat 3-4 times a day, I’m given enough allowance and a lot of things that I really want. And  it’s fun being with my family. I love them so much that sometimes I don’t want to go home in my hometown. hahaha, okay! enough with this emotional thingy, let’s start with our monkey business.

This post is the idea of my little sister. She told me that this kind of dress is always associated with Lolita (I’m sorry but honestly, i don’t know her). So maybe you’re thinking “why does she have to act like she’s playing cards?”, it’s because of the title itself and the character of the outfit. The dress is kinda playful so I added the playing cards as props to justify the whole outfit. I’m sorry if the pictures are kinda blurry. I still have to learn how to use its flash.. Anyway, this dress was given to me by my mamu (grandma). It’s like a corset dress, with polka dots. I wanted to wear this dress during new year because of its design but my sister who’s kinda conservative told me no to, so I didn’t. I love this dress, it’s sexy but it doesn’t show everything. I also feel like I’m Minnie Mouse every time I wear this (weird, huh?) . I promised my mamu, to make a blog post about this dress. So here it is.


Collage  PIC_0081

Dress – Seductions

Heels – Centroppelle

Photo Credits:

Marcella Pidor :*

x0, 1901


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