We’ve been having renovations for almost 1 month now. My Uncle Joven added 2 rooms, a bathroom and a proper dirty kitchen. He also let us choose what colors we wanted for our room. We actually wanted to have a teal-colored room but unfortunately they bought the wrong one. Apple green was okay with me since it is more conducive for studying. Oh! and we also have this cute hallway where I can put my bookshelf and shoe rack. But this is not what this blog post all about.  I’ve been dreaming to have my own bedroom, but I’m not demanding or anything. I just want to share to you guys what my dream bedroom is.


I want to have a clean room. It’s okay with me if my room  is not that big as long as its clean and everything is in their proper place.


I also want a cool mattress. This one is really nice 🙂


Christmas lights that make me sleep well.


I also want a study room and this one really caught my attention. Super cool but it’s impossible to me to have one.


So I’ll go with this, instead. I already have a bookshelf but I need one more of it because I have a lot of books and recently I received a big pile of them. (Thanks, mamita!)


A vanity room! I always wanted to have one, because my make up and nail polish almost occupies most of my mini dresser.


I like this one too!


Cool hooks for bags, belts or towels


Wall decals


Picture frames that will hold your memories


A chandelier


A popart painting of Marilyn Monroe!


Sayings that will make you smile everyday


Last but not the least, the walk in closet that every girl dreams about

So that’s what my dream room is:  sparkling, loud, but clean. I’ve read something about things you’ve been dreaming of.  According to that book (the title of which I don’t remember anymore), when you want something or you’ve been dreaming about it for a long time, you have to post it. You can put it on your cork board, blog about it, write it on your diary or put it on your bucket list. Because if you do that, it will serve as your inspiration to work hard or persevere. Who knows? You might get it someday.

Photo credits:

Pinterest and Weheartit



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