1st wish, check!

If you could remember, I posted about my wishlist for this December. My number 1 wish is a planner. Today, I was able to buy a new one. Although it’s not the doodle planner I’ve been talking about, I still love it. For me, even if it’s quite expensive, I love it more than the doodle planner. This planner is called “Everything is Possible“.


I got it from Fully Booked


Front Page

everything is possible

everything is possible

Personal Information

Personal Information

What I like about this planner is there are “Special Pages”, these Special Pages are composed of micro-actions that you can do to improve your life. Here are some of them:

Personal Goals

Personal Goals

steps towards my goal and a toke for myself

steps towards my goal and tokens for myself

The body of the planner:

You can write the upcoming birthdays here

You can write upcoming birthdays here

new habits

new habits

If you are a student, worker, businessman, or blogger, I recommend this planner because it has quotes/sayings that can motivate individuals to pursue their dreams.






my favorite



I do not regret of buying this planner. I have been receiving bad news lately, and all I want to do now is to read all those quotes and sayings. I’ve learned that the twin sister of Hitler hated us. She said that we should earn her respect again. And I thought, NO! I’ll study hard not to earn your respect Ma’am, I’ll study hard to redeem myself. So I think, this planner will motivate me in studying hard and in not giving up (so emotional, I’m sorry).



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