Amnesty International

If you could observe, I have been using the words Amnesty International a lot lately. It’s because I’m working for them as a volunteer. I joined the organization last year. At first, it was all for incentives and attendance but later on we’ve been doing it for the community and for the entire human race.

Help us protect human rights

Help us protect human rights

Amnesty International is a non-profit organization, that helps every person to enjoy all their rights enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights. Amnesty International is composed of 150 countries all over the world including the Philippines. When I joined this organization, my parents were scared not only because it may affect my studies but also because it may endanger my life. When people hear about human rights organizations all they could think is “violence” , “anti-government” or “rebellions”. Those notions are all wrong, because in Amnesty International we do campaigns in a peaceful way. We make signature campaigns, hold forums, basic orientation seminars and we use creative ways to promote human rights. Yesterday Amnesty International Philippines-Davao, started to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

We launched the kAIbigan week and the celebration at Baywalk David Davao, Philippines. This is how we promote human rights.

Lantern fly high

Lantern fly high!

Oh that’s me! (in jeans, not in uniform)


together with Atty. Meong Cabarde 🙂

As a Political Science Student and as a Human being, we will help protecting human rights

As political science students and human beings, we should help protect human rights

Sir Pidot

Sir Pidot talking about Artists for Amnesty

thank you task force Davao for helping amnesty international in making this event possible

thank you Task Force Davao for helping Amnesty International and making this event possible

Lantern that symbolizes freedom and happiness

Lanterns that symbolize freedom and happiness

So that’s our peaceful and fun way to promote human rights. How about you? Are you willing to protect human rights?


pictures: Nina Gecomo



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