fashion is expensive, style is not

Hello readers! This photo is one of the many backlogs I have  in my laptop and I’m sorry about that. These past few days, I’ve been very busy with school stuff and extracurricular activities, but i’m trying my best to post everything here.

Anyway, there are a lot of people who keep asking me about my style. They ask questions like “do you really invest in clothes?” or “is that expensive?” and I say NO. If you want to be good at dressing up, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes or cut down on your allowance just to be a fashionista. For me, style is more important than price or any branded item.

This is what I wore last Wednesday. Everything came from the thrift store 🙂

The whole outfit costs 800 pesos. You can even use the other items afterwards, like the shoes and the stockings. Just be yourself and you can pull everything off.

These links can help you be a recessionista 🙂

xo, 1901


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