Night Market

If Bangkok, Thailand has Patpong  night market,  Manila, Philippines has also Divisoria. Since I was in high school I want to go to Divisoria because everybody talks about it , so when Amnesty International called me to attend the coordinator’s meeting in Manila, I immediately say yes to them.

Divisoria is always been the perfect place to shop. You can find fabulous stuff there—whether it’s fashion stuffs, trinkets, toys, furniture and etc.  I was accompanied by my mom and my sissy Annie. I was really excited when they told me that 1500 is enough to buy pasalubongs and personal stuffs.

here are the things that I bought:

Sling bag- 150.00 ($3.65)

Doll Shoes-50.00 ($1.00)

Peter Pan-180.00 ($4.35)

Tiger Top-180.00 ($4.35)

Bustier- 100.00 ($2.42)

High waist Pants- 250.00 ($6.07)

Bikini-150.00 ($3.65)

You can still Buy pasalubongs for your friends and loved ones. Here:

T-shirt for my Boyfriend- 100.00 ($2.00)

Bracelets for my mom- 50.00 ($1.00)

Doll Shoes for my sister- 50.00($1.00)

Divisoria is the best, the products are good and its cheaper .  The pagod and the money are all worth it.

Here are the tips when shopping in divisorisa:

1.Early Bird– My mommy told me that its better to go there early, because it’s less crowded and you can buy things in a cheaper price. Divisoria opens at 7:00 am

2. Wear comfortable clothes– Its better if you wear something comfortable because its easy to shop when you wear clothes like jeans and t-shirt.

3. Do not bring wallets– there are a lot of pickpocket in divisoria so it’s better not to bring wallet.  If you are going to bring a lot of cash you have to fold it or roll it individually and put it in your pocket. so when somebody is going to get your money at least you can feel them.

4.Bring a big bag– You need it especially when you buy a lot of things.

5.Be alert– You should be cautious in dealing with vendors some of them will deceive you. So it’s important to count your money before you leave. And beware of snatchers and Pickpockets.

6. Enjoy– When you go to divisoria, expect crowded place, chaos and foul smells so you have to enjoy the whole process so that you can buy your things easily.

happy shopping 🙂

xo, 1901


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