what’s in my bag?

hello readers! this post was inspired by Lauren Conrad’s what’s in my bag blog post. She said that the contents of one’s bag can tell you a lot about its owner.  So I decided to show my things and tell me what’s these goodies say about me.

1. New York– It looks like a notebook but it’s not. It is actually a post it. It is very useful, it helps me to easily record other’s phone number, address, or other information.

2. Pink notebook– It is my lecture notebook and I use it every MWF.

3. Dream to Paris– It is also a lecture notebook and I use it for my Philosophy subjects.

4.  Protect the Earth– It’s an empty notebook and I’m still thinking how I am going to use it.

5. Planner– It’s one of the most important thing that I bring every day. It holds all my plans, meetings and Information. It’s very useful and handy.

6.Make-up– I bring my NYX lip crème every day and I bought a new lipstick which is the Matt moisturizing Lipstick of cover girl. I also use Maybeline shine free powder foundation for my face

7. Pens– I bring a lot of ballpens every day and I’m addicted to sign pens (I don’t know why).  I also bring my highlighter pen and some of my color pen. I use them when I write something in my planner, so expect it to be colorful.

8. Wallet– It’s a gift from my sissy. She knows my style so she chose to give me a studded wallet.

9.Umbrella– The weather in the Philippines is very unpredictable. So I have to bring my umbrella in case of rainy days.

 10.Flash Drive– Flash Drives are very important because it allow users to carry all of their important information, paper works and reports.

11. Wet Wipes– I used it to sanitize my hands.

12.Water bottle– I am trying to minimize my sugar by drinking water and also to regulate my bowel movement.

 13.Perfume– Black Vanilla is my favorite when it comes to perfume. It last longer and the smell is not that sweet. Actually, I love everything that smells vanilla, but this one is my favorite.

I suppose that my goodies in my bag would reveal that I am a semi-geek because I’m a student I need those things. And I’m also a make-up lover that I need to bring 4 lipsticks every day. And a girl scout who is always ready.

what do you think?

xo, 1901


3 thoughts on “what’s in my bag?

  1. OMG! we have exactly the same notebook. Same here. My bag feels empty without a planner, a notebook and pens. 🙂 Haha! love this. I might do one on my blog as well. It’s really fun to see what other girls have in their purses or bags.. addicted to watching youtube videos on those. haha!

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