cleanliness is next to godliness

When my parents separated,  my mommy lola  and lolo dad became my second parents. And  one of the most important lessons  I learned from them is being malinis (clean) not only to myself but also to my private space. I was taught how to organize and clean my room because I’m a babae (girl) and that’s important.

So, when I went to college, living with other people became difficult for me because of our differences. For me, it’s OK if you’re not used of being malinis because just like what i have said we have different family orientations. It’s OK with me if you mix your dirty clothes with your clean clothes, if your floor has no space for a new kalat, if you let your smelly dog sleep with you, if you don’t take a bath or if you don’t wash your own underwear. But what I hate the most is when you disarrange my books, when you leave scratch papers on my private space, when you put my reading materials everywhere just to use my study table, and when you don’t arrange my laptop properly after you had used it.
It’s just really annoying for me when I put time cleaning my room and somebody would just mess with my things. If you don’t want to clean, please just stay at your dirty space and let the cockroaches clean your own mess.


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