My boyfriend’s t-shirt and lace short

so comfty

like this picture for no reason

This is what I wore in Amnesty International PH Davao press conference on national IP month. I want to wear something comfortable since I am attending a press con and I know that we will gonna facilitate this event.


Amnesty International
“Mga batas hinggil sa Karapatan ng mga katutubo”

That thing that I am holding is a handbook about IP rights, and I swear if you read that book you will know how these Indigenous people were marginalized. And it’s very sad that the stupid government of ours is doing nothing to protect these people. Well anyway let’s go back to our topic.


lace short

it’s d.i.y

I paired my boyfriend’s t-shirt with this d.i.y short.  I’m sorry if i cannot show you how i made this lace short but I promise that from now on I’m gonna post all my d.i.y’s  here 🙂 . How about that?


shoes 🙂

And to complete this look, i wore my oxford shoes (I don’t know if it’s oxford, hahaha im sorry). When i wear this shoes i feel like I am Indiana Jones (dream on).


and that’s it, i hope you like it 🙂








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