new books to read

subject is too dark, i'm sorry

we can’t live without books

Hi friends! I’m sorry,  the subject is too dark and i still don’t know if my camera has a flash on it (techno moron). Anyway, today is Sunday so we went to church to attend the mass and afterwards  we went to NCCC mall.  I got excited when my tita gave me 200 pesos and told me that i could buy something for myself so i immediately went to BOOKSALE. And i found these books.

  • Dead game, Kirk Russell-20 pesos
  • Broken, Shy Keenan-50 pesos
  • Once in a house on fir, Andrea Ashworth-25 pesos
  • Kisses and Lies, Henderson-60 pesos
  • UGLY, Constance Briscoe-60 pesos

5 books for a total of 215 pesos, hohohoho.. i love it, i love the BOOKSALE 🙂


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